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From Farm to Table to Farm


We are Stalk'd!

Ever tried finding your local farm's website and products OUTSIDE of the farmer's market?

Tough, right. We know. That's where Stalk Market comes in. 

Our mission is two-fold: make buying from your local farm easier AND bring food waste back to farmers for compost & pig feed.


Stalk Market is a delivery service from the farm to you and from you back to the farm. 

Join our compost collection program to get your food waste picked up weekly and brought back to a farm in our local network! Food waste is used to feed pigs or make compost for fertile soils.

If you have a farm membership or purchase directly from one of the farms in our network, your order can be delivered directly to your door!

We aggregate the local farms who focus on regenerative agriculture methods to help make it easier for you to nourish yourself, your family, and the soil.

Farmer Approved

What are the principles of healthy, regenerative food? We asked the farmers themselves:

1. Soil First - profits but not at the cost of the land

2. Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share - the 3 Permaculture Principles

3. Slow, Organic Growth - no pesticides, herbicides, or artificial anything.

4. We Are What We Eat - Nutrient dense foods that are not fed anything we wouldn't feed ourselves.

5. Quality of Life - Our animals are partners in keeping our soils fertile and are treated with respect and high quality feed.

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