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From Farm to Table to Farm


We are Stalk'd!

The Stalk Market is an Operations & Marketing service that helps businesses, campuses, and food hubs procure and deliver local goods.

By partnering with farms, we can shorten the distance from field to fork as well as offer food waste collection that can be turned back into soil. 

Our model is unique - our clients hire us to pick up and deliver local goods on behalf of their members.

Check out the membership offerings from our clients, or come into the store for your 10-visit punch pass & get 1 dozen eggs free on your 10th visit! 

Order online and pick up at any of our food-hub partner locations. Our network is continuously expanding so pickups are easy and close to your location.

Sign up for the Stalk Market weekly delivery service AND have your food waste collected to be turned into compost at our local farm hub.

We aim to source our products and offerings primarily from our local community to put more dollars back into our farmer's pockets. 

Farmer Approved

If your local farmer could certify the food they produce, what would that look like?

We asked them, and this is what they told us:

1. Soil First - profits but not at the cost of the land

2. Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share - the 3 Permaculture Principles

3. Slow, Organic Growth - no pesticides, herbicides, or artificial anything.

4. We Are What We Eat - Nutrient dense foods that are not fed anything we wouldn't feed ourselves.

5. Quality of Life - Our animals are partners in keeping our soils fertile and are treated with respect and high quality feed.

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